The Missing Piece

"Oh, I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
Hi-dee-ho, here I go
lookin' for my missin' piece"
- Silverstein

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(via 500px / Motherly Love by Shounak Nayak)
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Persian leopards fighting (by Tambako the Jaguar)


What a weird dream…

First, I dreamed of dokebi (s), plural, that drop gold.

Then I was in this large building resembling a mall and an airport. The interior is very bright, white walls with tall windows, and separate areas sectioned off like lounges. There were an amount of people walking about, going up and down the escalators, or sitting and huddling around the lounge areas.

I, during that time, was walking around on one of the floors and has a destination in mind (dunno where though) and has (no idea why I do) four spoons in my back pocket sticking out. Those silver/metallic spoons have a long handle and round spoon tops. As I was walking past this area full of prestigious, rich, mean/snobby looking people, they dumped a bunch of silver wares onto me saying I dropped ‘em while snickering. I checked the four spoons in my back pocket (and they are there), and dumped the the pile of silver ware back at them then left (those peeps look as if they’ve been offended greatly too).

As I rounded up the escalator, a backstage type area unfold before me. There were students dressed for concert going through the area while an older man, I guess the backstage manager, yelling at them to get out of and go away from his backstage. However, when he saw me coming close, he smiled and told me I can cross his backstage to get to where I want. So I did, and entered a bathroom.

Just as any public bathroom would be, it has a dirty floor, lots of people. When it’s finally my turn, I entered the middle stall. I noticed that there was a window like thing on the stall door, so I moved it so no one can see me. To my bewilderment, I realized I can see through the stall door. There are still lots of people in the bathroom, and directly across from the stalls are big open entrance to the outside (outside as in streets), which here cloudy and raining (the scene is similar to a person standing inside a open garage looking out).

When I looked up again, I saw an old friend/classmate from middle and high school coming in through the garage-like entrance and a scruffy (but young) guy coming in after her. They started arguing and my friend kept looking in my direction as if she could see me. Then two janitors came in (weirdly a guy and a  gal) and started doing stall checkups. The lady didn’t have a nice attitude, but the guy was trying to be funny. As they got to my stall, they told me to hurry up and get out. Then I saw another old friend/classmate peeking his head at the entrance of the bathroom, at my direction too, and telling me to hurry up and get out.

So I got mad, said “Fine I’m done!”, and woke up…



As two elder gentlemen were walking out of the cherry farm…

A: *merrily as he spoke to B* I think this could be the luckiest day of my life!


A: I just lost my wife in there.

B: Same here! I lost mine too!

A & B: *chuckles as they walk towards their car*

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(by Davide Massignani)
everything we know about you is wrong —
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Puma by Ami 211 on Flickr.